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Erica Hubbard - We recently purchased an apartment in Forest Hills through Gregory, who is an exceptional realtor who has great industry knowledge. During our 7 plus month of closing period, Gregory had been a great help to us, which he not only helped us prepared the application package but also helped us resolved many unexpected surprises during the application processes. Above all, Gregory was always quick and responsive with our requests. We strongly recommend buyers to consult with Gregory.

Miguel Mendoza - I enjoyed working with Realty Depot. When I came to the office I was greeted by a very charming and welcoming secretary, which left an amazing first impression. As for house hunting, I was working with Gregory. He is an outstanding agent. My search for a nice apartment was time consuming and fruitless. I was really amazed when this gentleman showed me a place he had found in their database, because the place was just what I needed. I am not going to lie, he made my life so much better!
I didn't have such a great credit score at the time, and I know for sure he broke a sweat to get me approved, and for that, THANK YOU VERY MUCH GREG!! ~Miguel Mendoza.

Wallace McGee - Gregory was such a pleasure to work with. We told him what we wanted and he delivered. He was responsive and available without ever being pushy. He found us the absolute perfect place and made the entire process very easy. I really hope my recommendation convinces another renter to choose Greg.

Vivian Rhodes - Amazing Real Estate Company. I've been to several offices and spoke to numerous agents, and I can assure you, these people are knowledgeable and experienced, as well as really straightforward with their responses. I was working with one of the agents, whose name was Larissa. She was really honest with me and told me everything I wanted to know. After 2 days of viewing we finally found a suitable place and I put up an application for it. What I also wanted to mention: If you really like the apartment, don't spend too much time thinking, because apartments are being rented out pretty fast. That's what happened to me. When Larissa showed me one amazing apartment in Forest Hills, I told her that I will give her call back, and took a day to decide whether I was ready to get it. Next thing I knew, was that it's been rented. Which is why it took us 2 full days to find another good property which I got right away.
Anyway, I recommend this company. They know exactly what they're doing.

Robert Zhu - I loved working with this agency. People that I worked with were very punctual and knowledgeable. I also liked the way they explained everything without overstatement: brief and on point. I got my place in 4 days, exactly what I was told. Very professional. Recommend them to all!

Ellen G. Madonado - I am working with this agency right now and I am really impressed. When I called I was greeted by a very polite secretary who was really helpful. She asked for some basic info from me. At the office I was introduced to one of the agents. He seemed really professional and knowledgeable. He listened to what I was requesting and showed me only one place and I loved it! His knowledge of inventory saved me a lot of time! We are in process of submitting the application. Really satisfied!

Rolando Roldan - I worked with Isabella and Larissa to find a home after months of no luck on my own. Within 1 month, they found a place in an area that I was familiar with. When the landlord played hardball, they handled the situation and now I am renting a new place. They did great work.

Mike Jones - Kate & Gregory helped us find our new home. They advocated for us with the co-op board so we could secure our sublease. They are no nonsense and honest. Just what we needed.

Neil Ray - From the very beginning, I was impressed by him! I sensed many and many years of experience. Greg is truly dedicated to his job and know s what he is doing. the place he found me was right what I asked for. Thank you. - Neil<

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